Pearl Pink Scallop T-Strap Shoes

Pearl Pink Scallop T-Strap Shoes

$ 23.00


Our very favorite shoes.... READY TO SHIP!! Perfect for both girls and boys -- with or without knee socks. Made of leather with a functional buckle.

Sizes 1-3 have leather bottoms. Sizes 4 and larger have flexible rubber bottoms. Please refer to the size chart to ensure correct sizing. 

MEASUREMENTS: toe to heel on the bottom of the sole 
Size 1--4 inches
Size 2--4.25 inches (old 0/6m)
Size 3--4.5 inches (old 6/12m)
Size 4--5 inches (old 12/18m)
Size 5--5.25 inches (old 18/24m)
Size 6--5.5 inches (old 24/30m)
Size 7--6 inches (old 30/36m)
Size 8--6.25 inches 
Size 9--6.5 inches
Size 10--7 inches 
Size 11--7.25 inches
Size 12--7.75 inches
Size 13--8 inches
Size 1--8.25 inches

PLEASE NOTE: The discounted sizes have the incorrect size printed on the insole and the correct size in on a label. The quality of the shoe is not affected.